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  • What does "self-taught" mean?
    I consider myself a self-taught artist because I do not have an art school education. I took art classes in high school, and have done stand alone classes at museums and galleries, but other than that I have learned my techniques through experimentation, reading books and online platforms like Skillshare.
  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?
    At this point I do not do wholesale. I do offer art licensing if you would like to take on production of the items you want.
  • What is your shipping and return policy?
    All shipping and returns are currently done through a third party and their detailed policies can be found here. This policy will update when self-shipped products are added to the site at a later date.
  • What if I want a custom coloring page and I want to print a copy for everyone at my child's birthday party?
    In this case what you are purchasing is the PDF file. As long as you are not selling or distributing the original PDF (or selling the copies of the coloring page) you are within your rights as a buyer. I actually think this is a really cute idea!
  • If I buy or commission an original piece do I have the rights to it?
    No. I retain all copyright to any originals works I sell. That means you can sell it, frame it, display it in your home or office, or give it as a gift, but you cannot make it into a T-shirt, put it on a sticker, or reproduce it in any way.
  • I sent you a commission request. When will I hear back from you?
    I respond to most emails within 48 hours. A commission request may require some extra time, especially if you are asking for something I haven't done before, to figure out costs and lead times on my end. If this is the case I will write you to let you know when to expect further communication.
  • I love the Care Bears shirt you designed. Would you custom draw my favorite Care Bear for me?
    Sorry. The Care Bear Rough Sailing shirt is an officially licensed product. I do not have blanket approval to design and sell other Care Bears items.
  • What are your commission rates?
    There is a 25% non-refundable deposit on all commissions and a limit of three revisions. Beyond that, commission rates will vary based on the size, subject matter, and medium you are envisioning for your project. If you would like a specific quote you can email me with a very detailed description of the size, subject matter and type of art you are looking for (watercolor, acrylic, coloring book page, custom banner, etc.).
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