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My Artist Journey 

murals downtown 2.jpg

Growing up, my home was neglectful at best. When I felt visible there, it was usually because I had done something “wrong”. I spent a lot of time in the woods, playing with bugs and foraging for snacks when I got hungry so I didn’t have to go back. One day I found a very smooth piece of cardboard and started drawing on it. I took it to school with me and the kids all gathered around saying how good I was. Art became a whole new avenue for positive attention that I didn’t get elsewhere. I started doodling on copy paper, cutting hundreds of tiny pieces of color from magazines and making elaborate collages, at one point my mom remodeled our bathroom and I stole a piece of drywall meant for the trash and covered it with paint leftover from my friend redoing her bedroom. I became a forager in a whole different way.  

Lindy means “Little Melinda” and I buy that little girl inside of me all the art supplies she wants now. I go hiking looking for bugs and take hundreds of reference photos. I have built something we can both be proud of, and I’m so happy to share it with you.  


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